About Us

NCOURAGE is based in the United Kingdom.

Our vision is to produce bracelets that will serve as a daily reminder and encouragement to you and to others you may gift them to. This is founded on the second half of Hebrews 3:13 - "Encourage one another daily, as long as it is called 'today"

Our founder's desire for a more unique and lasting way to stay encouraged and to encourage friends and family beyond mobile phone wallpaper, messaging e.t.c. was the start of NCOURAGE.

Our vision to encourage others was confirmed when a recipient of one of our bracelets  "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I'M GOD"   told us how touched he was; because the message not only spoke directly into his current situation but  unknown to him, his wife had been considering ways to help him keep his focus on trusting God. The bracelet was just right for this.

We have received many more touching stories like this. They motivate us and remind us about the reality of our vision. We'd love to hear your stories too so please send them our way!